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  1. bro I get an errror called "Uncaught ReferenceError: aipDisplayTag is not defined" when launching the game. Can someone help me solve this

  2. Nation Premiers a strategey gaming. I hope that the game gets easier to play. This looks like something I will check out again another time.

  3. Finally a game that I play a lot! Nation You have to attack the king not the army you can kill him in seconds and take his army but you have to remember to protect yourself so when i always push I look the opposite way and split (space) and then I use the half without my army to kill the king without risking my life also a tip for farming gold build up your army to about 200-300 population of knight then split as much as possible but don't move the way you split for example if you split north ways go east. Those are the only beginner tips the other ones are Hero Specific.

  4. one tip: the armys do not freeze you just killed the lord and then the army is yours if you have enough houses, if not the army just stays there until someone takes it

  5. dude when his army freezes you killed him and u win, u can take his army

  6. seems like ur a very good military general

  7. btw you can drag to change "1" 2" "3" and "4" in whichever order. 1 is infantry 2 ranged 3 seige 4 monster

  8. spacebar to spilt, "c" to change to battle position

  9. Y do u sound like ur crying every time u rage

  10. Why dont you build a house for take the freeze army

  11. This is cringy for us pro Lordz players "IDK what to call these dudes" come on bro its in the name sorry if I sound like big bully but LORDZ .io

  12. It takes soo long to load the game up, and yet its web browser game

  13. "I think he disconnected?"
    Bruh his units are right there for u to pick up lol

  14. yeah you can pick up the units, he died attacking your base. It said population limit so you have to place houses to pick up the units

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