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Daz Games
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This game is quite challenging but fun!

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  1. idk why but this game dont work for me no balls and slider is unresponsive it wasn't lag so idk what is going on but not working at all

  2. Watch this video with your eyes closed for a very different experience lol

  3. i paused in the middle of this, played it for my first time and got second place lol XD it is addicting

  4. can someone please tell me what lmao means😅😊

  5. yyyyyyyyyyyy cant i get in the gameeeeeeeeeee

  6. Hi people in the comments, hope your having a nice day😀

  7. WHAT KIND OF WACKY FUTURISTIC BLACK HOLE ON ACID IS THIS?! 🤔😒😳…Personally, it's too repeating and static for me to watch…But I'm sure it's fun to play if your brain can physically take looking at it for any length of time…For me, it feels like I'm staring into a disco ball for too long and having a migraine all day doesn't help the matter…I still think you are totally awesome though! 😎👍😍🤗…P.S…For some reason, though it looks nothing like the advert, I thought it was gonna be "HOLY OH EEE OH.IO" HAHA! 😂😋😂…Plus, "HOLY OH WEE OH.IO" is totally new and I'm late to the party per usual. 😋😔😋

  8. AND…………….. Thats What She Said

  9. on my computer it does not run, For absolutly no reason..

  10. is it just me or do other people yell daz you have amount of balls flying at you???!!!

  11. why does this sound like a woman bragging to her friends

  12. Watching daz laugh, scream, shout, react or play games is WAY more addictive than this game

  13. I swear I broke my nose dropping my phone on my face

  14. 9:33 did anyone else celebrate with him or am I too invested

  15. It just sends me to Amazon gaming equipment when I click the link and try to play, or just wait 5 sec.

    2 seconds later: no I got 2 lives were not going to do it

  17. Daz: dammit i lost a life
    Some other player: allready out

  18. am i the only one who tried to play it but it didnt work

    … ok just me

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