Nintendo's SMALLEST & MOST OBSCURE game console! - Pokemon Mini + 10 Games -

Nintendo’s SMALLEST & MOST OBSCURE game console! – Pokemon Mini + 10 Games

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We review the Nintendo Pokemon Mini game consoles, the 10 retail released games for it, home-brew games & a backlit screen mod you’ll definitely want for it!

Pokémon Party mini
Pokémon Puzzle Collection
Pokémon Puzzle Collection vol. 2
Pokémon Tetris
Pokémon Pinball mini
Pokémon Zany Cards
Pokémon Race mini
Pokémon Breeder mini
Pichu Bros. mini
Togepi’s Great Adventure



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  1. I never knew Pokémon mini was a thing

  2. Ok story time… So as a kid i ordered one of those devices from ebay because i saw it being advertised in some old mickey mouse magazine. I dont have it anymore because… Well… Imagine this- and i know how absolutely weird this sounds-: i sat on the toilet while i was playing the pokemon party game, and for the boxing minigame you need to shake the thing as fast as you can and stop once it starts rumbling and so on. And so i sat there, shaking this lil piece of plastic, it slipped out of my hand and i threw it through my legs into the toilet bowl. It made some last sad sounding, drowning peeps and then turned off. I never got it to work anymore. Didnt want it to anyway… So… Yea. Pokemon mini gets a 7/10 from me.

  3. Ok thanks a lot now I have a hell of a crush. lol love you guys keep it up!

  4. Hey i live in seattle too Queen anne to be exact, where can i find one of these in our city?

  5. Kelsey has the most gorgeous eyes!!! A thumbnail of her is always a win!

  6. I had one but lost the unit but i found the games for it back 😀

  7. I'm going to assume it's called pinball because most people outside Japan don't know what Pachinko is. That what it looks like to me anyway. A simplified version.

  8. Got mine at an anime convention for about £20 in 2013 (when I was a young 17 year old school boy)

  9. My older brother talked our mom into getting me one of these from one of the second hand electronics stores many many years ago and I still own my original purple one today.
    Only own three of the games sadly but looking at how much they are worth these days I'm glad I have them.
    Still use it a lot actually, very easy to just take with you and play a quick and very short game on the go.

  10. Hope someone make a doom port for the pokemon mini

  11. The Pokemon mini was 1000x cooler than a game boy advanced, I still have mine!,,,

  12. I just realized this… The way "togepi" is pronounced its basically pronounced "to go pee"

  13. I know what it is! It’s featured in one of The Pokémon games on GameCube

  14. I had that! Was so hyped when I got it and extremely dissapointed afterwards.

  15. When did Trey Parker dye his hair black and grow it long, grow a matching ooatie and start a youtube channel around video games?

  16. I got mine bundled with Pokémon Channel for $30 bucks on walmart maybe? back in the day

  17. tfw u watch these videos and u speak japanese

  18. Already installed the Pokémon Mini emulator for my PSP. My 5 y.o. nephew will love play this!

  19. I have one of these and still use it with the kids. It's great

  20. MJ looks nervous next to Kelsey on this one

  21. You guys are always so far ahead of me. I just learned about this on the Pow Kiddy V90 and see I can Emulate it on Gamecube I believe. I will have to try that out some more.

  22. I never thought of this as Nintendo’s most obscure system, I just thought it was neat, if the wonderswan counted as Nintendo I’d say that is more obscure

  23. 2021 .. i have never heard of this awsome tiny gaming handheld 😀 its so cute!

  24. That ran faster then my dog running away.

  25. Oh my GOD, I had the Smoochum purple one when I was a kid with the Pokemon Party, Zany Cards, Pinball and Puzzles games, in it's cute little pink case with a little smoochum charm and everything. I frickin' loved this thing so much. My family couldn't afford a game boy and I was in hospital a lot as a kid with a chronic illness and this thing was my saving grace, I played it for hours.
    When I was like twelve the battery exploded and my parents threw it out but god I miss this thing, I wish they were more accessable to get hold of these days and not like hundreds of pounds. The nostalgia of even watching them makes me emotional.

  26. this is the second generation of the mini pokemon handheld if im not mistaken. I had a pikachu tomagachi type deal. idk if anyone remembers that tho

  27. This should be rereleased for a Pokémon anniversary

  28. I was around 9 or 10 when the Pokémon Minis came out in Europe and I remember wanting one so badly. However, even as a kid I deemed the price ridiculous -.-

  29. I'm in love with Kelsey Cody is so lucky

  30. I own a blue one, played it all the time on the toilet but my original display died after a few years.

  31. Lol my powkiddy brought ,pokemini emulator I didn't even know what it was. Now I'm glad I deleted it 🙂

  32. Wasn't released at regular retail stores according to wiki:
    It was first released in North America on November 16, 2001, and was only available for purchase at the Pokémon Center and via its website. This was followed by releases in Japan on December 14, 2001, and in Europe on March 15, 2002.

  33. I'd love to get one of these, but they're about 300$ AU

  34. ** Raise your hand if you reached for your CELL PHONE while watching this video!! LOL Kelsey needs to learn about the Do Not Disturb option 😉 **

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