Oney Plays Games (Best of Compilation) -

Oney Plays Games (Best of Compilation)

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Featuring Black Baby, Jef, Dino Savers and other such wonders
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00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:26 – Weird Games
00:08:26 – Platforming Games
00:12:15 – Scary Games
00:21:16 – Dino Games
00:32:27 – An Epic Dragon’s Tale
00:39:49 – Black Baby
00:55:36 – Jef
01:10:24 – Bad Games


  1. What's that song you used at 31:12? It's at the tip of my tongue and I'm becoming insomniac from it.
    EDIT: Could I also get the name of the song at 33:07, I'm shitting bloody doo doo from the torment.

  2. I wanna see a full playthrough of black baby

  3. Bro black baby changed my life. Before I saw black baby I was addicted to meth and lived in a box now I have a car and a house and I still do meth its great

  4. Oney sings All Grown Up in the latest episode at 7:07 and it's all because you.

  5. Your intros are always a very specific type of funny, I swear. lol

  6. Who's the guy that's holding his nose closed while talking in this let's play? Tell him to stop it sounds weird

  7. Oneyplays is great white noise. And this compilation is beautiful. I love the wacky dinosaurs

  8. Zach yelling “Cyborg Dragon, please!” at 37:40 was genuinely unsettling, like a parent pleading to get their child back from a kidnapper

  9. I have to laugh at Zach’s discovery every time I come back to this video at 20:35

  10. I was the thousandth like isn’t that quite quaint

  11. 26:05 Dino Run was sooo much fun, one of my fondest memories was listening to Trashed and Scattered while playing this; the song's pacing works oddly well with the gameplay I believe.

  12. That whole Gibbon bit sounds like some Pavlov shit. I fully believe there was some psycho scientist who deprived a monkey of all senses to see what would happen

  13. Chris: gives shit to youtubers for playing up their fear
    Also Chris: I CaN't PlAy ThIs!!!

  14. 15 minutes and 14 seconds saw the cute little spiders, thought o that would be creepy if there was a spider next to me. look that pillow next to me f**** feather poking out of the pillow moving slightly. nearly shitted myself

  15. i really, really like the intro. your hard work does not go unnoticed.

  16. I don't know if its my autism or my schizophrenia or my add or my adhd or my bum leg but these intros get me legitimately pumped

  17. Apparently some loli was cut out of the original episode of Jef. When he looks at the magazine there’s a loli picture in the actual game, but when it was being edited for OneyPlays it got cut out. I’m glad they did but it’s really creepy that it was included in that otherwise cool and wacky game. I wonder if it was on accident, sometimes loli stuff comes up when looking at other porn

  18. the intro made me shoot a 4 cm little rope of jizzm

  19. No more hiding it. Americans are proud to be dumb. says:

    HELLicopter is my ORIGINAL IDEA and you WILL NOT copy it! And it’s only 70% based on Dethklok’s Hatredcopter!

  20. Zach thanking Chris for telling him he wouldn't fuck a big belly woman absolutely kills me, it genuinely sounds as if dozens of pounds were lifted off Zach's conscious

  21. jesus christ the intro is annoying

  22. Editor. Grow up so I can sing your new theme song.

  23. Is it wrong that I think these range of faces at 49:23 are way funnier than what they used in the original video?

  24. Zack saying, "You aren't suppose to feel shame about your appearance." Set to this music is the most wholesome thing I've heard in a while lol

  25. 41:27 "are all babies born white?" had me laughing so hard i had to pause and question existence for like 20 minutes. fuck me bud. omg. god damn it dude. fuck lol

  26. Dino Savers really feels like a prehistoric version of Smiling Friends. Dare i say, an inspiration, even.

  27. god, i absolutely love the Dinosaur Savers thing, it's so genuine and i hope whoever made it continues to make even better stuff

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