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Overseas Fanbase Showcase 2: Touhou Itch.io Games

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New Games, and revisits to some favorites

All games are available on Itch.io:

Series Playlist:

00:00 Deadly Dog-Dating Dungeon
19:13 Hotline Sanzu
34:37 Inkfection
46:47 Legacy of Scarlet
1:01:40 Lovely Domination
1:13:47 Cirno’s Perfect Punchout
1:21:00 Dream Logical World
1:40:17 Mystery Cardboard Museum
1:58:44 Yuuto Ichika Gets DMCAd
2:17:42 Memories of Antinomies
2:33:23 Patchy’s Magical Maze
2:46:31 Wonderful Waking World

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  1. oh wow i completely missed thisthanks for playing cirnos perfect punchout again!

  2. Only got to watch the Soccer live, so I'm looking forward to watching these VODs.

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