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Overseas Fanbase Showcase: Touhou Itch.io Games

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A taste of some of the best Itch has to offer

All games are available on Itch.io:

Series Playlist:

00:00 Rumia Roller
15:44 Unstable and Unimaginable Power
25:14 Immunity of Sensibility
38:44 Gloomy Eater
46:37 In Between Gensokyo
1:02:53 Stray Souls in Wanderland
1:18:53 Lost in a Dream
1:26:08 Parable of Irreplaceable Disposables
1:36:16 IBUKI
1:48:32 Hollow Hearts
2:01:48 YUKARI
2:10:00 Volt n Blade
2:22:31 Reimu’s Awesome Holiday Teaser

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  1. It's a super honour to have Immunity of Sensibility showcased! Thank you so much.

  2. Still so energetic at the start of this entire ordeal… now thats something that didn't last, even if it lasted WAY longer than expected. (props for that)

  3. So many good games that will be revisited later, so look forward to those in the future

  4. :v my team was camping the college computer labs during the weekend and we compiled the submission on it hence the education mark… Thought we compiled a version that had that mark removed afterwards but guess not

    Source project files got lost into the abyss of unity collab so don't think I can ever remove that now

  5. Za warudo spheal is the best version of Sakuya we've seen yet!

  6. I like Hollow Heart a lot, but I can't complete 100%, only 85%

  7. Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to appear in the showcase, on behalf of the "Volt n Blade" team we are grateful 🐸❤️

  8. I'm so proud for Kevin Arthur, i love his art and he is a very good friend too, give more love to Volt 'n blade, it looks awesome 😀

  9. Stray Souls in Wanderland was a wanderful experience.

  10. Huh… Immunity of Sensibility is no longer on the Itch io list you linked. Maybe it got removed? Because that's the game I'm most hyped for.

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