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  1. Nowhere does it say anything about being a world record. Just saying “world record” doesn’t mean anything dude.

  2. What is the Can-Am to mind her own😂😂😂😂

  3. Most coherent English i have heard him speak so far

  4. That isn’t the world Record, people have done a full circle around the map in less than 5 mins

  5. I still can't tell if I like this guy or fucking hate him

  6. Calling your viewers ‘chat’ is cringe

  7. GAME NAME?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  8. Wait this guy knows how to speak english?? I though the only knew the xQc language.

  9. this ain't no world record. i seen people do the entire circle 100% and it was YEARS AGO. at best you could do is tie second or third or however many times after all the others who did it.

  10. Dont know what yall on about, but i hear Peter Parker scream lol

  11. Anyone else freak out when he "talks " if thats what u wanna call it and cant understand anything he says

  12. Plot sloppy toppy with a twist: Only the other side filled 💀

  13. Woah the first video where he talks normal

  14. He sounds like the only language he speaks is gaming

  15. Mere se jyada fast ⏩ Kiya hai😊😂

  16. Just asking and not to be offensive is he umm….have problems like special?….or thats the way he just acts

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