Pretending to Be the Developer. - -

Pretending to Be the Developer. –

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I was given this on a random server, so I decided to have fun with it.



  2. Bro his german accent makes him look and sound even more like a villain

  3. Developer really said "Yeah, let's give some one God status." .

  4. The fuck is this rip off? I fail to see even a single difference. Unless the original name was just changed.

  5. omg the MG spin to team brings back such memories lol

  6. It's been 9 days and it is the most popular video on the channel.

  7. Is this dude russian because he got that russian accent

  8. You know this game is a rip off version right?

  9. omg you sound like hagrid i cant get over it

  10. 🙁 I want to be a operator but how

  11. all pentagon server and one triangle

  12. There is sandbox mode that added this so Maybe it tested it on you

  13. "1. The pentagon filled" that got me😂

  14. U can go operator in sandbox but powers r not complete

  15. Sir, I've got a Legionary Crasher in my soup.

  16. Corrupt X: You look like a little rat.
    Me: laughs so hard i die

  17. pressing ` and ; while having cursor over them gives them operator

  18. I like how people are so accurate to small wild animals when you pick them up, like they just spin around helplessly and it's hilarious

  19. That person: meh idc that you are invisible ima still kill you

  20. Bro we all know what you can to with operator, you get it in sandbox lmao

  21. Hey, if you are an operator you can press `c to be or not to be shown on the leaderboard. I do not know whether that cancels out incognito, but it may work.

  22. 4:05 hit bro with a finishing move😭😭fr said "SPECIAL ATTACK"

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