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Rating all the Diep Clone Games || Diep.io

Baller Factory
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As I said in the beginning of the video- I’m sure there is more diep clones out there but these are the ones I have found.

Pardon the toxicity at the end.



  2. I wonder how many people still renember diep

  3. I am 7th the number which most people like so PIN ME PLEASE an finally you are back

  4. The last game is so weird that I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

  5. they nerfed drones in arras so its boring now

  6. Oh god, I played the last game a year or two ago
    it's completely and utterly broken in every single way
    necro has 4 barrels and spews out drones by the way

  7. Me ranking every diep clone:

    S tier: Arras
    C tier: Everything else

  8. ok Corrupt x video stealer :ajit jk good vid baller

  9. Let's not forget that velocity also matters with bullets on arras, a hybrid can increase its damage or decrease it depending on what direction it's going and can add am extra 30% damage while running away while being bit by said same bullet can negate up to 80% of the damage

  10. I'm actually in contact with the Dev of tienk. This game is basically brand new.

  11. the problem with almost all diep clones has to be balance:

    Arras has a hard counter for almost every tank
    Scenexe has the inferno and saw chassis upgrades
    I dont even need to explain Woomy
    Sarra has literal PNGs that could probably kill god himself

  12. So, I'm (at the time of writing) a beta tester for Woomy-Arras. While generally the points you've presented are pretty valid, I think that, as someone who feels the need to justify their long play time, I should offer my own counterpoints:
    1. Balance
    I'll surely not be the first or last to admit the game has its imbalances- definitely more than Arras and Diep. Some tanks are genuinely designed to have little purpose. When a new tank is released, that has the potential to become SUPER unbalanced until patches come out. While this is true, it's undeniable that this game has balance updates frequently- even more frequently than Arras. When it comes to balance on a meta level, the sheer amount of tanks usually means there's some way to handle another tank. Counterplay rules the meta: figure out what's being played, and plot against it. In a Diep scenario that meta WOULD be horrible and I'd totally agree with your sentiments, but Woomy-Arras is in an Arras context, where you can level up immediately and get right back into battle, so there's no harm in specialization.

    1. Slowness
    Yea. Not even gonna really defend this one. The game does get really slow and laggy sometimes. Other times, its more reasonable.

    So, as a more "veteran" person on Woomy, what would my own rating be? I wanna say 5/10, a solid middle ground. I'd also personally put Arras higher up too, though. Anyways I'm sure we can both agree that Scenexe is not very good.

    TL;DR: I'd personally put Woomy-Arras (and Arras) higher than you. Scenexe bad. By the way, I'm not "offended" or anything like that just because I wrote a miniature essay. If you have any rebuttals to make, I'd love to hear them!

  13. now all we have to do is get baller to play diepix arena

  14. were you, trey, and snowflake the voices at the last part

  15. Woomy is actually my favourite browser game. Many tanks are unplayable, but there are about ~30 of them that can easily destroy any other tank

  16. The 3D one is multiplayer, but theres just no one ever playing it I guess.

  17. The problem with diep clones and even diep itself is that there will always be tanks that are way too op compared to others.
    Woomy-Arras is an obvious enough example, there are like 20 tanks that are designed to one shot enemies.
    I think though that scenexe is my favorite, because it’s not as punishing as diep, but doesn’t immediately get you to lvl 45 like arras and woomy-arras. But yeah I’ve been asking for nerfs to saw especially on scenexe basically since I started playing.

  18. Personally, I believe why diep tends to be more balanced is that it has less tanks and is more importantly, older. Diep has basically finished its meaningful development, so everything is a lot more polished than the others, as they are still adding more things which makes it harder to balance effectively

  19. About woomy arras, you're playing the old version. The new version is more active, with the devs trying to make better servers and balancing the tanks. They also accept fan suggestions in Discord.

  20. As a person who has been playing scenexe, do not play it on camera, when you are bored, when you want content, or just for research, the balancing of weapons are fine, but dealing with body upgrades is like all nine circles of hell at the same time

  21. Last game is a massive bruh moment but i liked playing as freezer or whatever it was called to permastun 😛

  22. Diep and arras are good. Btw my name is angel life in diep

  23. arrasio married diepio, they gave birth to woomy-arras io and tankster io

  24. Can anyone tell me what's the last one I want to play it!

  25. whats the name of the last clone i wanna try it

  26. Just got 250k with a controller, feel pretty good about myself now

  27. I love how you and your friend trolling with Tankster/Sarra mfs at the end

  28. bro i was always in that not so friendly game and everyone was nice there it just that the tank there is pretty crazy

  29. rammers in scenexe arent busted at all, they are just extremely unfair towards newer players
    the game is extremely fun, i am a veteran with over 1000 hours in the game and theres quite a lot of fun shit you can do
    but what the main thing you should learn is that scenexe gameplay is extremely different from diep
    low levels cannot go around killing high levels unless you are very skilled
    you cant just one shot a level 80-90 with something because they know how to play
    the reason why you did so poorly with glass tanks is that A: quadro sucks and B: glass tanks are deigned to be used in teams, defended by trappers like amalgam, riot, or sometimes shrapnel if you like it
    the game is extremely fun when you get into its groove, but if you play it like diep expect a ton of deaths without any progress
    (also the balancing still needs to be touched up on, quadro, industry, emperor, palisade and shrapnel are a couple tanks that need either minor or large buffs)
    edit: rip scenexe, my favorite game of all time
    edit2: scenexe back
    also you completely missed out on the entire concept of alternate dimensions, so thats also something you should have played with
    one more thing, oneshots are effectively NONEXISTENT besides alpha, so dont even try to use annihilator
    tbh anni needs a buff in scenexe

  30. I thought mobile had alot less compatible ripoffs

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