Remember .io Games? -

Remember .io Games?

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.io games were once a constant in the school lives of many, and they still are in many cases. However, I haven’t had any personal experiences with these games in years, so I decided that today I’ll take a look at some nostalgic .io games.

Second Channel:

0:00 – Intro
2:13 –
3:04 –
4:20 –
5:11 –
6:09 –
7:45 – Outro
Music Used (In Order)

Sophie – Cry of Fear OST
OC ReMix Mega Man X5 Moonlight Vibin Ending Theme
Mario Tennis Status
Creative Exercise – Mario Paint
Silent Hill 2 – Noone Loves You
Tony Hawks Pro Skater Main Menu
WWF Raw Snes Style – Vince McMahon’s Theme
Gorillaz – G Bite Background Music
Tsutchie – Breezin’
Subway Surfers Theme
WCEP – Double Presentation (inst)
Worldcorp – Desist (inst)



  2. Another Masterpiece from terror

  3. At this point. You will never escape .oi games

  4. Ive been for a while but damn its fr that old?

  5. We all know that T3rr0r recorded the beginning, right after he stood up

  6. yeah from my favorite company voodoo! (joke voodoo is the one making mobile games the state they are.)

  7. What the hell happened to his voice in the beginning

  8. The internet introduced me too "1 guy, 1 jar", everything else is just a bonus

  9. Oi game its kinda fun tho but this comment wont get likes

  10. Hilarious. I was just going and playing old io games to see how they hold up about an hour ago and then you upload this, thank you t3rr0r

  11. Io games, especially Diep io, will forever hold a special place in my heart.

  12. Diepio was my jam dude, holy this brings back memories

  13. question: is the multiplayer in these games fake? was my childhood a lie and i was too stupid too notice? i know the mobile games nowadays have fake multiplayer but did these too?

  14. you are too late…
    too fucking late…

  15. They really just suddenly disappeared huh

  16. I really thought that the creepy video was real haha when i was a kid

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