Shapez 2 - Official Reveal Trailer -

Shapez 2 – Official Reveal Trailer

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With the infinite canvas of space for you to exploit, build mega factories to extract, cut, paint and stack increasingly complex shapes.

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Shapez 2 is supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action on the basis of a decision by the German Bundestag.

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  1. いや、1とグラフィック違いすぎでしょ

  2. Very beautiful visualization. But I hope we will not have to play it in 3D. That would kill the game-play like many others before 🙂

  3. They saw what hopoo games did with risk of rain and decided to go one better

  4. It's crazy seeing the insane amount of work that was put into this compared to the original, which was already good

  5. May i ask what this game ks about cause this is my first time seeing this and it seems interesting

  6. Interesting, but I think I would rather play >insert similar looking game here< instead.

  7. My interests include music, science, justice, animals, shapez, feelings

  8. Nice graphics
    it would be fun to build stuff in 0.1fps

  9. will it work well with a controller mainly using a steam deck?

  10. From 2D into the 3D puzzle factory games! This is unreal! No matter what the developer is going to kick it up the notch.
    Hopefully Nilaus really excited in this game.

  11. I don't really see what benefits 3rd dimension adds into the game. Besides from additional logistical complexity (which is a good thing), it adds a lot of difficulty to orientation in 3D space, especially building, and will be resource intensive for low spec devices.
    Although, if implemented correctly, might be enjoyable to play.

  12. I feel like Shapez is meant to be in 2d, but I will wait and see how it is going to be in 3d

  13. Yes, yes, yes, yes! You are amazing! Cannot wait for its release!!

  14. Now I will be truly able to comprehend the horrors of human industralization with this complex game!

  15. Omg! What a trailer. The game looks daunting!! Loved Shapes 1, this looks amazing. 😮🥳

  16. kinda surprised you don't make 3d shapes like some kinda partial cube/sphere/pyramid thing but its still cool none the less, and it looks really good 😀

  17. i can't wait for this! i love the 2d one and i'm sure this will be a whole dimension better! (a lot better!)

  18. warum ist dieses Speil vom deutschen Ministerium für Umwelt und wirtschaft gesponsort?

  19. How many month will stand before someone build a computer ???

  20. Please add an option to switch to shapez 1’s soundtrack in the game

  21. i dont like this. shapez 1 was so simple and shapez 2 is soo complicated it lags very much(for now)

  22. Omg. I was so addicted to this game. No clue why this was randomly suggested by youtube but here we go. Ready to waste some more hours with this

  23. bros got sponsored by german federal ministry for economic affairs

  24. ۝"SPŁΛSHΞÐ ϾΛТТłMΞ ТWłTϾH"۝ says:

    why i cant play schoolbreak?

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