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Snack Warriors Online Battle Game

Snacks that landed on the planet of a far-off universe, so they would not become snacks anymore.

However, in order to maintain freshness of snacks outside the wrapping paper, preservatives must be eaten constantly.

The war between snacks to secure limited candy has begun.

Choose from over 10 different characters such as cute chocolate brownies, kimbab and pancakes, and conquer the planet with a variety of weapons, including hot dogs and french fries.

– The higher the score, the longer the length of the weapon (sticky sweets) increases the attack range.
– Be careful when you get hit by Slime’s attack.
– After the dash, swipe your weapon to knock down your enemy in a blink of an eye.

Battle mode
1. Survival mode
– Defeat all snacks and eat star candy to maintain freshness.
2. Team flag mode
– Cooperate with your team members to keep the flag.
– The team that takes the flag within a limited time wins.
3. Practice mode
– Train with AI enemies.

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