[TAMING.IO] OB 9 MAUVE BULLY EVERYONE :) *OB pets =🤮* - aspenleafgames.com


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Abusing mauve OB 9, main idea was to use only mauve to damage people, ofc used a bit of weapon but you get idea 😉

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  1. Can you do a catching bugs tutorial? I know how to catch some but not others as easily (farming reaper and mauve potions) Strats would be nice if you haven't posted already.

  2. its not fun to play mobile and be very laggy while cleaning with 2.1m 🙁

  3. Love the video mafija. I agree 110% that the game is so broken now. What used to be a fun game now is ruined w/ so many broken updates. Bases are now impossible, pets are now unkillable, and ptw is mad af. The game needs to be nerfed for its own good. As always, such an entertaining video 👌

  4. mauves are almost as good as cows, POV: chaos dying to only cows while he has cape.
    I must object, mauves will die to krampuses.

  5. 10:34 "I love Wild Animals…" Same lol! This part smh Got me to laugh

  6. 9:05 Mafija- "At least I took one of them to hell with me"
    Lapamauve: hehehe…Well don't get any age then

  7. XD man he dragon player and he think the mavue is spectrum pet

  8. Guys say lapa not mauve mauve is a color not a name of an animal

  9. mafija Back again
    pls u make totem base WIN

  10. But u didnt do vid how u lvl up like killing bosses😢

  11. is it not annoying being a taming io youtuber? beacuse every one wants to kill you

  12. Listen to Mafija, why didn't you shoot the video while raising the level to MOV? But Nice Vid

  13. Tori harassment 😂😂😂😂

  14. mauve is trash xd but i like mafija nad his vid

  15. Hey mafija can i get your discord id haveing trouble with the link pls&thx

  16. Dam mafia quitting fr
    Some1 told me ur quitting b4 I and said cap lmao

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