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Taming.io – using a random fairy combo

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goofy ahh fairies 💀

if this was boring, i agree. its a bit of an experiment as to how much damage these fairies do, when using only fairy wings. note that for poison fairy it matters alot that the victim stays in the poison ball for huge damage. for fire this is the least importand, and its also the easiest to hit with fire. elec is just a pretty bad fairy, but it still doubles on most fairies cuz elec. also i dont have insect unlocked so might use that instead later


ur name. yeah i get reminded of you everytime i hear it. isnt that what a name is supposed to do? well uh yes but also not in the way i mean
dont think about that too much im not making any sense breh

Sephiroth Drip Remix

i do like final fantasy alot, and might make some vids on it later (even tho ive only played the first four games and sephiroth appears in like what, the seventh?)
IN A LONG TIME OK, currently only playing taming and very small amounts of other io games

im actually not in the mood for tags but i also am
idk ill just copy paste old ones and add a bit under them ig
taming.io tamingio taming io bruh how many variations of the same thing should i put here does it even matter prob not anyways lemme add some taming yters name cuz idk fortish mafija mrmonster hes still bad at making vids but unmatched in thumbnails MISTURBEEEEST ahyes why not put mrbeast in my tags or pewdiepie or another popular person hmmm nikocado avocado swine noises noob hacker pro tbh its been a while since i saw a thumbnail with those nobheckerproe thing on it also i do like bull but theres so much more pets to level including lynx cuz 30 ob yk thats kinda much and unless lapa adds more features for the obs its honeslty a btch move to add till 30 ob like bro doesnt care if people want to have a life secretly or level different pets id say allow more points on attack and speed or even on other skills cuz why not if hes gonna decrease the cooldown of skill i dont think lynx will get that much of an advantage cuz its an instakill based pet and pve stuffs is carried by the bite not the skill but for bull a shorter cooldown would be epic same for fairies but no way im gonna level other pets than lynx all the way to 30 ob just to get the cooldown lower like cmon man its not worth my time i js wanna have a good time in taming and i dont need 30 ob for that ok?
tbh i wana play other games too cuz taming bores me sometimes, defo when im playing solo
also i have a job irl so i dont have as much time as id like to have, imagine if id be able to make the right amounts of money with yt when i turn 18, so i could spend more time making vids instead of working
it would be so awesome
ofc im not too lazy to work, ive had several jobs in the past years and i really enjoyed delivering newspapers, but sadly that wont pay enough when im 18. or would it? neh im still tryna search the right thing, im js gona make money so i can afford a living and have fun making yt vids yeeeeee

after all, who cares for ambitions as long as ur having fun living the life you do? ig i got ambitions on youtube but id needa make vids on other games than taming, which i plan on doing
also my brother frequently tells me to make vids on other games, like the ones we both played when we were younger (and we still like em)
also he commented on my vids before lol

hope you enjoyed watching the video, reading the description and well uh
you mean alot to me


  1. Ive used this combo to defend and clean on solo bases its also good for killing any type of pet exept rock it counters water,plant,ice,fairy and does a ton of dmg

  2. can't add u discord ;-;

    even added u u always don't care me ;-;

    don't know why i'm ur fan


  3. I like it when super dafster says it’s fairy time and ends up fairieying all over the place because that’s why I play this game and I honestly like it but when I use fairy ppl beg for marcy and end up going with the queen like they deserved because I dragged my balls all over you mou…

  4. insect fairy would be better instead of poison as it also deals dmg overtime and poison fairy ability is too slow to keep up with others

  5. Yesterday i got triple spiked by a age 1 :0

  6. 😮 I'm in the video!!?

    Oh yeah I somehow didn't see your message at first so I healed once.

  7. can i challenge u for a pvp (its for utube) and im noob….

  8. Meow meow no lynx anymore ? (Omfg furrys are taking over the lynxes send help !1!1!!1!1!!!)

  9. h uwu
    my combo better
    spectrum_2 poison fairy
    ogm im pixey fan

  10. YO Super i seen u raid mafijas base earlier lol did u make a video?

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