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The Alternate Universe –

Corrupt X
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Like: 1233 has another alternate universe named 400+ tanks and is not as many as Woomy (which is a good thing). For the time it was available, I played quite a bit of it and showed all the different kind of tanks, modes as well as some other stuff such as Beta testing.

Note: gets redirected to Woomy now, so you will not be able to play this version for the time being. I played this towards the very end of its lifespan.

Free songs to use:
Ethan Meixsell – In the Shadows (Track 1)
Silent Partner – Getting Dirty (Track 2)
Ethan Meixsell – Thor’s Hammer (Track 3)
Ethan Meixsell – Takeoff (Track 4)


  1. Corrupt x, you should of just became a bigger arena closer, they would run away in fear lol (this is a joke)

  2. Я уже знаю как включить эту третью часть нужно просто вторая часть нажать на вторую кнопку про и дальше не знаю как управлять ним этим танком нужен

  3. Corrupt X goes inside a wormhole and end up in here.

  4. well its kinda a good thing it got deleted the community was a hellhole

  5. 1:23 Any tank that has blue squares can switch forms by right clicking.

  6. 0:47 As someone who played OP arras, I can't express how much of a nightmare jump smasher really is.

  7. Oh another diep clone that's now actually better than diep

  8. bruh is bring me to woomy arras io not oxyrex io

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