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Join us in a BRAND NEW .IO GAME called TANKWARS.IO (similar to /!! Will this one be the best IO GAME EVER? I don’t know, but I surely know that the graphics are pretty awesome and the gameplay is pretty cool once you get the hang of it!

I’m also going to try and go back to daily uploads, so HURRAY for that, I guess 😀 Sorry I haven’t done much lately, just had a bunch of computer-related issues which made me feel bad, so I just didn’t feel like recording videos and got totally out of it sadly lol, but I AM BACK BABYYYYYYYYYY 🙂


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�мIntro by MatrixFX:

�мIntro Music supplied by Monstercat:
Nitro Fun & Sound Remedy – Turbo Penguin
Video Link:
Label Channel:
�мThe other songs are from the 027 album of Monstercat and pop up on the screen every time the song switches 🙂
Here’re all of the names:
Hyper Potions – Unbreakable (feat. Danyka Nadeau)
Marshmello – Alone
Melano – Don’t Fight It
Nitro Fun & Hyper Potions – Checkpoint
Noisestorm – Leaving Now
PIXL – Sadbot


  1. why doesn't bodil upload any MC Videos anymore?

  2. Great, Bodil brought back two of my favorite American commentary costars… but Vegeto should've been there to spice things up.

  3. Holy shit this game looks amazing, the graphics are so different from the other io games, I imagine what the future might hold for this type of browser games

  4. you just earned your self a sub good sir……. hope to see more of this game this is what i have been looking for

  5. it was black screen for me, but i reinstalled chrome and everything worked

  6. what was that in 4 : 00 it doesn't make sense ,

    easteregg on top

  7. ok so boatdil played some of my fave songs at the background (alone, unbreakable & checkpoint 2 b exact) and I am just here watching & listening, saying 'life is too good rn i will die soon' repeatedly 😂😂 SRSLY THE GAMEPLAY ACCOMPANIED BY THOSE MUSIC IS SOOOOO ON POINT. 😂😂😂 If I will get a laptop soon, I will try and record a gameplay cause I am too inspired by boatdil. he's so freaking awesome. 💙💙💙

  8. Bodil plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz play animal jam I want to see if u can make that game very funny plz

  9. Does anyone remember when bodil played minecraft?

  10. This reminds me or tarraria plz do a lets play on it from the beginning

  11. 1. Watch random video
    2. Type in: awesome
    3. Enjoy 😛

  12. you should name your channel to "bodil – io games" xd

  13. How many more "AYY-OH" games are there on the internet???????

  14. hey bodil do u know when you'll reach 2mil subs? when my grandma farts

  15. First agario then slitherio then diepio then so on now tankio??????

  16. +Bodil40 please please please give me a knife please im very big your fan 🙁 И в случай че говориш български ти си най-якия

  17. +Bodil40 Make more videos they are lit af!!!

  18. Bodil do a starwars battlefront serie with ghost

  19. bodil if you login you can create your own skin

  20. deadlox and u used to make the best mc vids rip my entertainment, nah but rly u did and ur still funny :3

  21. omg how many of these IOs are these people gonna make like holy shit

  22. this isn't hate on YOU but can you stop fucking clickbaiting once again not hat just a suggestion

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