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Join us in a BRAND NEW .IO GAME called TANKWARS.IO (similar to /!! Will this one be the best IO GAME EVER? I don’t know, but I surely know that the graphics are pretty awesome and the gameplay is pretty cool once you get the hang of it!

I’m also going to try and go back to daily uploads, so HURRAY for that, I guess 😀 Sorry I haven’t done much lately, just had a bunch of computer-related issues which made me feel bad, so I just didn’t feel like recording videos and got totally out of it sadly lol, but I AM BACK BABYYYYYYYYYY 🙂


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�мIntro by MatrixFX:

�мIntro Music supplied by Monstercat:
Nitro Fun & Sound Remedy – Turbo Penguin
Video Link:
Label Channel:
�мThe other songs are from the 027 album of Monstercat and pop up on the screen every time the song switches 🙂
Here’re all of the names:
Hyper Potions – Unbreakable (feat. Danyka Nadeau)
Marshmello – Alone
Melano – Don’t Fight It
Nitro Fun & Hyper Potions – Checkpoint
Noisestorm – Leaving Now
PIXL – Sadbot


  1. i love when ur laught mate srsly i just love it xD

  2. hey bodily i love the stickman games on armor games

  3. Bodil if you reply to this comment i will troll myself

  4. Subtly hearing Nitro Fun and Hyper Potions – Adventures in the background

  5. i dont no what time ist it in america, but in germany its 5 o' clock (sry for really bad english)

  6. i dont no what time ist it in america, but in germany its 5 o' clock (sry for really bad english)

  7. i post comments but a you tuber has never responded to me…… 4ever alone 😭

  8. Bodil U Should Play Shellshock live from steam!

  9. Bodil, could you play Never Looking Back by Stonebank in the next video?

  10. Glad I stayed up this late so that way I can watch this video before my friends…they try and spoil it for me by telling me what happens but not this time 😏

  11. Where is my daddy? Who is your daddy? Like I cri every time.

  12. I freaked out when I heard Ghost and I completely thought Deadlox was either Jake, Felix, or SlyFox until you said his name multiple times XD

  13. I cringed when they blamed their graphic card. And didn't accept that the server was the issue of the lag spikes.

  14. Bodily there a a real app game it just came out!

  15. windows 10 is peace of shit because i downloaded back windows 7 it was much better

  16. What happened to…
    Well any other game that you played

  17. bodil won't reply: new music for your old intro
    (will upload it soon)

  18. Deleted Windows 10, it sucks shit and always has glitches and runs sooooooooooo much slower, like I couldn't play any of my games cause of the lag. I ended up deleting it after I flipped out. Sooo I suggest to DELETE IT

  19. if you want to host a server dont pick windows 10!

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