The Current State of .io Games in 2024 -

The Current State of .io Games in 2024

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are .io games still relevant in 2024?

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The Current State of .io Games in 2024

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  1. You should play surviv io. Best battle royal game back then fr

  2. All I can say, is GREAT editing this video rain! Keep up the great work man👌

  3. At beginning I thought you had more viewS and folowers. Keep going ! Nice editing and funny video 🔥

  4. The games themselves may be about like they were back in the day but due to how bad the ads have gotten over all they have all just gotten pretty bad unless you don't mind sitting through a minute or 2 of ads every death or have ad blocker

  5. Man, all these games, great memories basically all I played from 2016-2019

  6. Anyone remember the .io game name that’s at 0:03?? I remember playing it but just can’t remember the name of it

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