The Next Game - (500M Score) -

The Next Game – (500M Score)

Corrupt X
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Here lies another inspired .io game: Rather new, and you can play as a celestial once you reach level 60 in game, something which may actually be really good for the game if done correctly. With a bunch of new upgrades and different ideas, this could go somewhere.

This marks the 4th .io game inspired by

0:00 Part 1
8:59 Part 2


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  1. Its a ripoff and a Remaster At the same time

  2. i HATE that he game server is only in new york, like just buy a domane in like switcerland and germany so europians can play it
    but this vide is good btw💞

  3. Amalgama-main enemy of celestials
    Srsly with that I killed whole squad of celestials

  4. 7:48 imagine calling every polygon with more than 4 sides a pentagon

  5. i got lvl 60 and didnt being calestical
    how do i be a caletical


  7. Was this on mobile? Cuz this looks 10× more fun

  8. how do you go in sandbox? or is it sandbox?

  9. Guys, How to control the drone to move in reverse like shift key in

  10. the lag is TERRIBLE, legit couldnt move my tank while a level 6 was slowly killing me.

  11. Buen video bro pero. Tus hojosssssssss jajajaaj me gusto

  12. The best level 45 tank is amalgalm bastion

  13. What are the other diep inspired games besides arras?

  14. I wish there were different server sizes like Small, Medium and Large.

  15. Goku MUI has been unlocked Hi I'm goku says:

    This game looks great I’ll try it soon looks really good

  16. Feztival got 1 billion tho. Cant tell me fezti gets a higher score than you

  17. how to ascend dude how much score do we need for that

  18. hey how rare is the rainbow shape i got it and got 15 to 17 milion score

  19. how do i get celestial im level 75 still not celestial

  20. 3:43 That's cool. Fallen bots when they leave.

    What if small tanks become fallen too. But much weaker.

    Wow, you can chat too!

  21. Hi i founded you my name was Ip Leaker
    I was joking that i leak ips lol
    Others took serious

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