The ULTIMATE Island BASE! - Game - New io game! -

The ULTIMATE Island BASE! – Game – New io game!

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Welcome to! is a new io game where you build up a raft and survive! It plays a lot like and made by the developer! ► Join Blitz on Discord:

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Captain Baron:

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Face sharks, create tribes, and push your survival skills to the limits in this brand new game. The game plays like a combination of and and a game called Raft. Gather supplies like thatch, wood, and metal. Use these materials to craft tools to build the raft over the ocean! Defend your raft against shark attacks and other players.

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  1. Yo I can't even believe that I actually played on the same server as Blitz I even saw his clan and all at number one and I was called Nick I had a little island myself

  2. I think they should add that you can be able to grab people of there raft with the fishing rod and add spiked walls so you can fish people into the spikes!
    Iike if you agree…

  3. Hey BLitz, i've just seen a trailer for a game called Eco Survival and it made me think that it was your type of game, from the graphics to the style of game play. would you be interested in doing a play through?

  4. I akways coment that i love blitz but he never ever looks

  5. Every time i try to play the game, i can't even choose a server and thus cant join the game :c

  6. Blitz if you like pirates of thives you would like assassin's creed black flag

  7. I'd watch you more blitz then gaming faster than light

  8. now i know why there were base in the island also i did not know i was in your video

  9. can you try to make a 5X5 big base? and have like 4 people thatd be so amazing!

  10. Waterworld is one of my favorite movies, I had my grandma give me the VHS

  11. Im kindaa mad at Blitz and Baton why are you attacking innocent people like the guy that was just collecting stuff,you started killing him why????

  12. Why did the person need two tomatos to get twomatos

  13. xD that was me on your last vid of this Blitz I had no clue that was actually you

  14. Blitz your really mean to other outside people that mean NO harm.

  15. Need less unskipable ads… Have to thumb down. You have 2 channels now, at least cut a bit on ads (the shorter ones you can skip at least)

  16. Im a long time Blitzopian …I cant remember when I subscribed to you :))))

  17. omg blitz ur so good btw how do you make ur hotbar show

  18. Rum can some one help I'm in a never ending ad and I don't want to leave the vid In case I can't find it again

  19. Blitz myyyy idolllll were are you downloaded that game in computer or cellphone

  20. You said you wanted to try 4 people paddling and you are not letting anyone In why

  21. Also you said a warship is a warship because of the warriors then why aren't you going and trying to have a arm of warriors or even just (warfarmers lol warfarmers don't mind that) let us join

  22. Blitz : shark lives don't matter
    The shark population : wHy YoU BuLlY mE

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