The Ultimate Killing Sprees in - New IO Game -

The Ultimate Killing Sprees in – New IO Game

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Welcome to! is a new IO game where you battle enemies and defeat the infected! Special thanks to Krunker for sponsoring this video. ► Play Krunker here:

– – – – – Gameplay Overview:

Krunker is a free to play game with multiple game modes. Do your best to become the ultimate krunker in Free For All, or try your hand at being a team player in Team Deathmatch! also has mods and custom games. Defeat the zombie horde or race through the custom maps and custom games!

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Play Krunker here:

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Q. What is a supported video?
A. Due to FTC rules, all videos where I have received a free download, merchandise, or any travel arrangements is supported by the developers.

Q. What is a sponsored video?
A. Due to FTC rules, all videos where I have received financial incentives to produce a video need to be disclosed. I will (and have been) disclosing these as sponsored.

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  1. “don’t run into the middle”

    then i run into the middle with a sniper and gets a 15 ks

  2. i play this in class as well but you cant play it anywhere else because the hackers are so bad

  3. although it had been out since september 2017

  4. Ive played this game 3 days and im already joining the top clan lmao

  5. I just flick shot headshot with the shotgun
    You should try it
    It’s like deleting players from life when you turn a corner and pop them in the head

  6. Why does krunker run better than 99% of games on steam?
    Also, I love the shotgun and revolver
    I quikscope it
    Both of em. And I’m a god with the revolver

  7. Wow my record is only 15 kills you got it on you second try

  8. If u use rocket that means your a sweaty 9yr old. If you quickscope you got my respect.

  9. If you keep jumping and pressing w you go much faster

  10. Girlfriend:what is it gonna be krunker or me!!


    Me the next day: WOAH I NO SCOPED HIM!!!!!

  11. Dude, on the blue building map, you should use a sniper at the window

  12. Plz play this game with draeg,josh and baron….plz plz plz…you guys are awesome

  13. I have the client of krunker so i dont need the browser link 😎

  14. You should play this more, your amazing at it

  15. That's not a sniper. He says sniping with an assault rifle

  16. best game ever, but the servers are down rn 🙁

  17. i didnt know how to get skins and stuff but u showed how and it looks so easy :,0 also im trash with every weapon except sniper rip

  18. I love this game but I am also a god at it

  19. Hello. I am Korean.

    Can you upload a video of me logging in when I can't even log in? Or write it in the comments.

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