The Whole World Teamed Up Against Me Territorial IO -

The Whole World Teamed Up Against Me Territorial IO

Corgi Circus
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  1. The full send mode to me emphasizes the importance of diplomacy, and the diplomacy/political aspect of this game is what really makes it fun for me. I super love getting into a match and making what at the time feels like lifelong friends with complete strangers and I love being an active part of these micro-stories of friendship and betrayal and dominance and underdoggedness. Often I even just enjoy being a helpful little fairy to someone who treated me kindly in a match, even to my own strategic detriment. And obviously to properly partake in that part of the game you need to also be good at the game mechanically, and the game certainly is interesting and engaging in that aspect, and it is satisfying when you don't even need to have friends to win a match, but it's the interactions with other players that really hooks me in, and full sending makes that aspect more important.

  2. 1 week of reminding him to take a sip of water

  3. What’s the free world but still was a amazing video nice job❤😊

  4. Hello corgi. I just wanted to say you make awesome videos and that we all care for you. You make my day everyday and you have the quality of a 1million subs. Keep it up😀

  5. Thanks as always for the great video man. I love your content.

  6. I felt really bad for the corgi fan you killed brutally I mean you could have gave some emojis you crushed his soul you would have crushed mine.

  7. the full send game mode is literally just gambling

  8. Day 78 of not having anything to say but leaving a comment to help the algorithm

  9. Corgi, on the disco server how do you do the “team wins” thingy

  10. That's what you get for killing your best friend 😀

  11. The full send I feel it's look like a skilled player only lose to luck

  12. Corgi casually killing his best friend and then Palestine 👌

  13. with fullsending you have to be much more aware of border shape and troop count. It adds a layer of complexity, but you have less freedom and mistakes are a lot more costly. Overall i like it enough to play now and then(or watch)

  14. Hey bro. Are you playing with names over numbers on purpose? Is that your preference or is either way fine for you?

  15. Also do you think having the max cap or density showing under the troop count is too much of a strategic advantage? Or do you just not find them useful information and thus don't turn it on?

  16. "We have an enemy above us in Palestine." Damn, my man is getting political up in here.

  17. "There's no skill in the fullsend gamemode"
    That's what makes it fun lol

  18. 0:29 theres really 0 skill in this game…its just pure luck no matter how good you are it all comes down to luck in this game..nothing more

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