The WORST GTA Clones on ITCH.IO (Bad Games) -

The WORST GTA Clones on ITCH.IO (Bad Games)

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GTA Clones from are a whole new level of chaos.
If you think you’ve seen bad games you haven’t seen anything yet.

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The WORST GTA Clones on ITCH.IO (Bad Games)
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  1. You should really try the real Gta Mamaia its a piece of art

  2. Can someone tell me what is sound name at 5:28. After he said its and android game. Sound like a scary bell

  3. GTA Mamaia Vice it does exist its gta vice city with romanian cars / romanian subtitles

  4. 3:00 bruh we have dancing police car. I'm gonna steal their uniform

  5. hello from romania. <3 I love your content and what you said about romanian in this video. Much love from Romania. <3

  6. О, чтобы покинуть Саратов, нужно выучить англиский язык, thx.

  7. Why he said "Punjabi"?? What is Indian There??

  8. Gta mamaie city is a real fanmade gta game made by romanians

  9. i hope this vid make by radal but this vid not bad too

  10. The one you said it's Brazilian it's not it's Spanish 🤡 And if it's humor ok

  11. this video realize me that….
    when the HELL IS GTA 4 GTA VCS GTA 5 on mobile

  12. this word "ur anus" is cursive version of "играть" – igrat`,
    that means "playing" or "start play"
    and the "Саратов" is a Saratov – name of the city

    thanks for the fun 🙂

  13. Bro your pc wallper is Ronaldinho and football brasil

  14. Thumbnail 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. Actually gta mamamia vice was a mod for GTA vice city that realsed in 2008

  16. You know how there's a thousand Doom clones and Quake clones and "boomer shooters" now?
    I wish some good GTA clones come out soon?

  17. ,,Good bye Brazil and welcome Romania"

  18. I cant believe that i tought that grand theft 7 nueva city was good xd

  19. Fun fact: fanny means v*gina in the UK

  20. vice City never fails to amaze me but the graphics suck and the swimming mechanics

  21. Gta 7 beta file size 250gb
    rdr2 : am i a joke to u ?

  22. you dont even know how long i have been look for crime city 3d (theft city 7) on android, That game is my childhood

  23. @qzeq its mamaia referring to the city in constanta (the beach city in romania) and yeah btw the car and the car skin from the screenshot is also from romania [man the 2010's…]

  24. They rebuild gta 7 in persian language and i played it before
    The name was tehran 110 /:

  25. You should play dude theft wars :/ its an android game but it's better than this s..ts

  26. JESSE we must get the qzeq Channel Membership for only $0.99/month!

    Check out all these cool-ass emojis we will get!!

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