TOP 10 BEST .IO GAMES of 2019 (part 2) -

TOP 10 BEST .IO GAMES of 2019 (part 2)

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  1. Hmm yes, this Floor is Made out of floor

  2. can i get a shout out
    pls I have bin waching sins 2016

  3. Remember when i kept begging you to play krunker? Lol, faze is now in krunker and more oh and also, accept my friend req in discord :/ nonetheless nice vid

  4. will be there 😉
    Btw, its crazy that 10 mil players play skribbl in a month even without any updates. I was the admin of skribbl but the dev didnt give me these stats. It was anyway a small game back then. Sadly he doesnt work at it anymore and the game got toxic. Can I ask you from where you got these stats please?

  5. Nation one day I would like to 1v1 you eventually. I do have to warn you though, I'm on mobile and I'm not really good at this version and I also lag a lot and for some odd reason sometimes my animal go would go to the opposite direction that I'm directing it towards.

  6. is a really good battle royale game which is updated constantly. I think it's the best .io game.

  7. Please do more w101 pvp you're so good 😂

  8. Who the fuck would name their son Nation?

  9. Why am i going here even if i DIDNT KNOW WHAT IO MEANS

  10. hahahha my screen shot is on ur thumbnail lmao krunker best view ever

  11. Y’all never play the actual good up gamess

  12. There arent any Servers for UK in shellshockers

  13. Dislike, only because I know you made it long enough to hit that 10 min mark lol

  14. this list sucks, it seems almost like you've been payed from some of these to add their game in the list, i only agree with krunker (and i even don't like fps games)

  15. Krunker is a bit too ez tho, the only peeps I find are complete bots.

  16. I like the video subject but hell I never understand why people on Youtube often yells in the mic, sound is bad. In general it's more important than image and I'd never subscribe to someone who yells in the mic!

  17. thank you ive been looking for little big snake but couldn't remember the name

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