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Top 10 BEST .io Games of All Time!

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Ah, .io games. Years ago they used to be extremely popular, and while there are still a chunk of people playing .io games, they’re long past their prime. Since .io games are the reason I have my channel in the first place, I figured that I’d give them a bit more love before leaving them for good.

I will rank the games based on Quality first, Originality second, Popularity third.

“Quality” means how good and polished the game is and how much content it has.

“Originality” means how much the game innovates and how different it is compared to other games including those outside of .io. Generally speaking, “clone” .io games have little to no originality and won’t fare well for this list. Not that I despise the existence of clone .io games, but you get the point.

“Popularity” means how many people played and talked about the game, I will consider both peak popularity and their longevity. Generally speaking, player counts, Youtube views and the activeness of a game’s community can estimate how popular a game is.

Music: “The Descent”, “Mighty Like Us”, “Robobozo” and “Cipher2” by Kevin Macleod


  1. Bruhhh mope is not on top 10 it is legendary my guy

  2. personally, zombs royale and buillld royale are my favorites while the first has alot of gamemodes that switch every few days, the other one is realy fast paced, witch is what i like the most in battle royales.

  3. i really really really like all of ios 🙂
    but im bored from it now:(

  4. Old good times. I remember when 4 years ago i playing with friends io games.

  5. Wondering where in the fuck krunker the literal god of io games is on this list

  6. What is the name of the 2nd game at the start i'll time stamp 0:01 I played it before but forgot.

  7. ok all of u mfs think this video title is facts (there is always that shit garbage thing in each game either taming,team killing,or just sabtagiig,and killing low tiers people,(each game has that one anoying thing wrere it make u rage

  8. game mới đầu video là game gì vậy

  9. was one of my favourite io games but the devs decided to cash in on the fortnite trend. Disappointing.

  10. 3:50 r u seriously mad bc they killed u bc its op it litterly is the rarest weopen in the game

  11. Whats your high score in slither, mine is 53,067

  12. I made my very first friend (both online and irl) in, sadly I didn't have any way of keeping contact as a kid, so I never saw them ever again.

  13. The best part about is running away from savages for 16 minutes because you stood too close to them

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