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Top 20 Best .io Games of 2016!

Corrupt X
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The release of spawned so many new .io games starting in 2016. It was not until the release of that new .io games started to resurface that were not clones or private servers of It is now coming towards the end of the decade, and there have been some major .io games that have been released. I will go through what I believe is the top 20 .io games of 2016. I will also go through 2017 and 2018 .io games in separate videos.

Keep in mind, I did a lot of research to see what .io games were made in a specific year and so forth. If a game is

Note: Some of this is my opinion and with reasons. If you disagree, feel free to comment.



  1. Personally I think is far better than games like, and still frequently gets over 2000 players at a time, so I think it shouldve been at least on the Top 5. To each to their own, though.

    Edit: Oh my god you just reminded me of I'm about to play it for hours bye.

  2. You should play diep again, try fighting the new scripters in maze and such.

  3. Guess what? It’s 2019 about to be 2020


  4. The problem with is the uptades. When it was released it got frequent uptades and lots of balance uptades. Now? Its still a prety good game, dont get me wrong, but my god. People (easily 80%)only play these things:
    -Rammer booster
    -Rammer Anihilator

    And dont get me started on maze.
    Its anoying and sad what hapened to diep. I still play it frequently (one of the few games that my pc can handle) but its realy sad when a developer leaves a game hanging when the game was almost complete

  5. This is the worst list I’ve ever seen

  6. I only like the io games that Corrut X plays

  7. MooMoo, mope, diep and splix are the only ones I play

  8. Corupt X, i wonder if u can mention in a vid like this. is quite fun with elements and i think it is kinda underrated but it is deleted now 🙁

  9. Nice vid, ranking io games, you inspired me to make my own channel for io games like and 👍, please subscribe 😛

  10. I hadn’t even heard of most of these. Nice video!

  11. Some things have to change eventually, even real life.

  12. .io games in general, gain little attention. Mostly that they are fairly simple and cartoonic, not much of a style that most players these days would enjoy. Another problem is that their developing teams are usually really small. Most of them are developed by 2 to 3 people. Sad

  13. Corrupt, do you remember that game you did a video about, I love that io game, could you try it again please, it would be cool, also maybe you would this way make the game have more players, because it doesn't have that many, and sometimes is empty, it is so funny to make a team and attack other player's planets, especially nuke them.

  14. Thanks for showing me Ethan Meixsell, now it's my go-to gaming music 😀

  15. Well done Corrupt X amazing job keep it up fam new subscriber here 💯. Also can I call you carpet x?

  16. I approve of the game at #8 (but i say it's higher) ~~please play it again~~

  17. yo corrupt we play together on doomed2 io remember knight my new name it doge knight

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