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Top 5 Greatest IO Games Of Alltime!

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Top 5 Greatest IO Games Of Alltime!
Todays video is top 5 IO games of alltime! In this video I use a system I have created to make a list of the top 5 IO games of alltime. This list is much decided by my opinion so don’t get mad if you’re favorite game isn’t on the list. Comment below ur opinion on this video and enjoy!

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  1. My friemdnhavebu played stave?oh yea forgot ur bad at starve xd

  2. WAT mope. Io on 5 place .your Channel heave in name MOPE

  3. keep it up! Your one of my favourite actually.

  4. Dude. What the heck? is #1? That game died so long ago and to be honest, should've been last on this list.

  5. Agar io 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999o9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999990999999999999999999999999999#

  6. zombsroyale is horrible, so bad id give it a -over 9000

  7. Liked the vid but i think ZR needs less hate because it is a great game and so wat if it copied fortnite most games on the internet are copies of other games so stop hating
    Plus we all know dat Minecraft Hunger Games came first
    Zombsroyale copied fortnite cause it is kind of a fan game it copies fortnite because it is supposed to be a full copy of fortnite but 2D
    So stop hating because remember most games are not original
    (If pubg wasnt a thing surviv wouldnt even be created)
    Dont hate me for posting dis!

  8. Ok in my opinion older games should get an "originality" bonus because they were the first of thier kind such as,,, and I personally believe that starve is the best so im kind of disappointed that it didnt make top 5, but these games shouldve gotten higher ranking than :/

  9. There is nothing to do with teaming on You wont mute the players to not use emotes, plus its been very countered with the new idea of betrayal. Hacking is a very low issue not even to complain about. I play more than 10 times a day and i dont see any hackers. Shotguns may be a little bit op but it was intended by the dev. It incorages the player to have a fast fight looking for proximity rather staying away from each other. Nerfing shotguns would make weapons like uzi or double glock-17 better than the shotgun itself. The only problem people struggle with fighting shotgun is the fact that the excessive use of cover allow the shotgun user to make quick shoots and reload the weapons taking avoiding alot of damage. Of course enviromnents cannot be removed from the game, and there are some very solutions to cover. The player just need experience new strategies rather than just shoot and hope your aim is better. Thats why i love so much, its not like you can do too much shooting like rambo, bur throwing smoke and charging a granade inside of it to surprise the enemies, to throw granades at peoples using cover, a game where the player needs to use more the mind to try to see what the enemy is doing and tactics to counter than just using the mouse to get better aim. And thats why most of the people cant play this game. They are used to go rambo fuck it style and then just get easily killed by cover users than being tactic. Sadly this might affect the review of the game, but once you get to play the game with more caution and being more tactic, you will enjoy it alot more Ps: sorry bad english

  10. zombsroyale is a 100% copy of fortnite, and they can get sued cuz they have microtransactions

  11. I agree with first,second and third, but because of you consider greatest of all time and not of now, 4th is for sure moomoo or zombs, 5th mope or starve. Surviv never had moomoo,mope,starve,zombs numbers, just watch youtube videos views.

  12. zombs and zombs royale is fortnite battle royale and save the world

  13. eyy i used that first song in a couple of my vids xD

  14. Dude, Agar was overhyped, it was so boring, and they ruined it with the whole account and skins update

  15. if you want them to remove headshots they will also remove fast weapon switch with it lol.

  16. I make diep vids now bc no one else does

  17. i hate zombs royale but love zombs its a very fun game

  18. Necro isnt the best overlord is considered the best and some others are hybrid, ramming annihilator, spread shot, fighter.

  19. bombs royale keeps saying, this may take a moment Loading (0 ;(

  20. 0 subscribers with videos challenge btw legit says:

    my opinions {Havn't played in 3 months} {Havn't played in 9 months}{played 2 times my pc can't handle it}
    4.Zombs {Complete rip off of fortnite and brawl star but it's fun:)} {don't like the game:(}

  21. 0 subscribers with videos challenge btw legit says:

    roses are red
    viliots are blue
    i liked my comment and so did you <3

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