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Top 5 Greatest IO Games Of Alltime!

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Top 5 Greatest IO Games Of Alltime!
Todays video is top 5 IO games of alltime! In this video I use a system I have created to make a list of the top 5 IO games of alltime. This list is much decided by my opinion so don’t get mad if you’re favorite game isn’t on the list. Comment below ur opinion on this video and enjoy!

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  1. Dope pls try narwhaleio although it doesn’t update it is extremely fun and u won’t get bored of it btw: tip: try right clicking to go back

  2. Ye slither is boring just not enough stuff

  3. Im offended is not in first place and its in 5th place

    Leik ur name

  4.|its a great game but you will die alot if you havent learned how to play|One of the most popular .io game in 2018,very fun and can easly troll ppl| a fun FPS game,but sadly its dead now| a fun FPS game,dead but still fun,and alot of people play it,Watch your back tho!| My fav .io game,why? Because the different kinds of weapons that can be used,Trolling,Betraying,modes,and the updates are Rapidly coming!, this game never stops updating and never died!,its biggest update was the Airdrop update (but this game is lowkey coping fortnite,and PUBG XD,example:Airdrops,Basements,huts,houses!,esc),it was the best .io game at 2016-2017 but now………………….. its…almost….dead……….

  5. My PC's so slow it can't even load Surviv xD

  6. Shotgun headshots from need to be fixed…. So unbalanced because you can hit a player hard 3 times and them not die, and they 1 shot you barely hitting you and you even have better armour…

    What I'm saying is shotgun headshots are the bane of my existence

  7. I have played them all. I think that in, the headshots are unique and fun. They help turn the tide of fights.

  8. I can't really agrue with much of these except for the agario one. It's was once one of the most popular game but it's been dying since miniclip hasn't been adding any new things except for skins. If I were you I would have give it 7/10 for the popularity one but either way, nice vid! (Lmao I'm an agario player but this us my honest opnion)

  9. why starve io and moo moo io not here klol

    wait it s here

  10. Unlike other games that i played for fun, i actually enjoy playing surviv. Idk why, I've never enjoyed any shooting/br games but surviv has my interest.

  11. Necromancer could be the best but you need to play well whit it see in teese types of games you cant just say one class is better maby you play well whit it but someone else might play better wight something else its important to know what you are better wight I personally suck with necromancer

  12. am i the only one thats wondering why moomoo and starve are not on here

  13. I would agree. Zombsroyale really is not all that great. Plus the gun rarities suck bad DDD!!

  14. is good, but still dead lol.
    same for
    (And tho it wasn't in the video, is even worse!!! Sydney refuse to work out shits with all the scripts out there and now it went so bad he's so freaking lazy to handle all of the big mess)

  15. I hate zombsroyale it copied surv io
    and fortnine yep Agar io is my fav game I love trolls in it like mope io But surv io is a biz laggy and have problems by joining in It
    but still love all of these games in this vid (not zombsroyaleio)

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