Top Rarest Shapes in (*EXTREME*) -

Top Rarest Shapes in (*EXTREME*)

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– Legendary pentagon footage: The Great O’Chunks
– Shadow pentagon footage: AstRatJP
– Rainbow Beta-Pentagon: SpanksMcYeet (aka the dev)



*disclaimer: some shape rarities needed to be calculated by me through playing arras and counting and dividing shapes, hence a safe assumption would be to take it as merely a rough figure. Accurate rarity stats should only be referred to from official sites.

– Majority: just copy paste from wiki fandom

– Deleted Shapes: I take their pre-delete rarity X2 – X5 (since i think arras will last at least double more of the years since its creation + take shape size & sightings to tweak actual seeable rarity)

– Dev Spawned Shapes: this depends on the devs mood, it’s un-calculable. The only way that makes some sense is to included an likely chance and an unlikely chance of rarity to infinity

– Unknown Undocumented Shapes: “unknown undocumented” sounds cool so i just named it that. But since no info of their rarity is stated officially as of FEB 2023, their rarity could theoretically range from the lowest to the highest – but it’s likely around the high range


video format inspired by mr slav


0:00 Wut?!
0:40 Egg
0:55 Square
1:14 Triangle
1:28 Pentagon
1:46 Beta pentagon
2:20 Alpha pentagon
3:22 Green/shiny shapes
4:05 Gem
4:31 Legendary shapes
5:35 Shadow shapes
6:40 Jewel
7:41 Rainbow shapes
9:07 Trans-gender shapes
9:27 Platonic polyhedra
10:30 Epilepsy
11:18 Albino
12:27 “Shadow Shapes Swarm”
12:51 “Giant Rainbow Egg Swarm”
13:21 “Giant Black Giga Pentagon”
14:53 Artificially grown shapes
15:44 Hexagon
16:01 Octagon
16:16 Giant White Nonagon
16:48 Take it all in
17:50 Final Comparison


  1. A shadow shape swarm basically has the rarity to nearly 2.5 trillion

  2. Artificially grown shapes have a rarity of nearly 8 facking trillion

  3. A hexagon in arras has rarity of 12 trillion
    A octagon has a rarity of 13 trillion
    A white nonagon has rarity of 16 trillion
    (To my perspective)

  4. As the heptagon was recorded it had a rarity of 10 trillion

  5. Once after ive been playing arras io after 34 mins i just got operator and set a party room.

  6. Damn 1mil views, keep up the good work bro. See you again next time.

  7. I dint found a black pentagon but i found the shadow triangle and a black cube

  8. today i just killed a 3d cube right out of the dreadnaught portal…. some anni guy seemed annoyed.
    I went from 400k- 8 million instantly

  9. What is the music for shadow pentagon

  10. I just go the 3D Icosehedron and it gived me 8 million XP

  11. I once saw sme people chatting in all caps GEM! GEM! It was crazy. I also replaced someones real green shape with a fake one.

  12. I once visited BIRD's server and there was a shiny member. It spawned a rainbow beta a shadow beta and a legendary beta, but the shadow had something strange…

    Part 2?

  13. Spotted Damocles today in laybrinth. Here’s a list of what he did:
    1: Moving people around as usual.
    2: Used a dreadnought that wasn’t a dreadnought. Yellow circle with no tank parts with around 100 bullets orbiting him like the sun.
    3: Used a realistic tank. (Lol)
    4: Made EVERY SINGLE SERVER have a blackout.
    Lastly, spawned a double digit number of rainbow omega hexagons.

  14. Nahh I have witnessed a rainbow alpha without even knowing what it's worth……

  15. One time I spotted a dodecahedron but I did not kill it so I don’t know what XP it gives

  16. Hold on if a hacker gives himself 1 trillion xp and dies to a pentagon…. What would happen?

  17. That's Diep, or is it another game that looks like Diep?
    ozfojzefjoezfjiofjiezzef it isn't

  18. I just joined my first game and i already found a shiny pentagon ?????

  19. Did anyone notice bird has ACTUALLY FOUND a rainbow alpha pentagon IN A NORMAL GAMEMODE?

  20. yoo i saw 2 rainbow cubes yesterday. i started playing yesterday too wtf

  21. New update in tablet and computer you can finally get beta original shapes and alpha original shapes

  22. a genuinely awesome documentary

  23. Once a dev killed me by spawning 2 rainbow alpha pentagons

  24. In that game I have seen once too a rainbow shape

  25. Wait, how can Jewel even have a rarity if it was removed? Surely the rarity should be… 0?

  26. i play old dreadnought i met icosehedron 3d i'm so lucky

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