Touhou Games (November 6th Collection Revisited) | Part 2 (Finale) -

Touhou Games (November 6th Collection Revisited) | Part 2 (Finale)

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What a final game

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Series Playlist:

00:00 Brawl Between Life and Death
6:21 Doujins and Dragons
36:38 Super Patchouli’s WHACK-A-KOA 64
42:53 Little Heroine Playset
52:18 Magical Dinner Below the Full Moon
1:09:52 Impurrishable Night
1:19:44 Fortuitous Strife in Arcane Land
1:30:33 Oops! All BoWaP
1:44:47 Bun n Gun
1:52:22 I’ll Never Lose to Cock!

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  1. Yuuto being blue Patchy is actually the joke with her, and is a main stay of the dev. She made her debut in Yuuto Ichika's One-Time Wonder and is also one of the main characters of Super Ledgehop Double Laser, which while the name is misleading, it's a bullet hell with absorb and reflect mechanics.

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