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Today we delved deep into to find the best games nobody has ever played (for some weird reason) and to finally break my PC with the WORST games on!!
Bad Games are the peak of funny indie games, because even the developers don’t care and that what makes them fun little unity trash games!
We found funny flash games, fake fortnite clones, worst clone games and even a real fake GTA Romania!

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TRASHING my PC with BAD ITCH.IO GAMES ( Trashpile)
#qzeq #itchio

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  1. Wait a fucking minute. How can you drive a car with a driver's license we dont realy use them here @qzeq

  2. i once allowed a cracked game i downloaded, despite many mcafee warning. And then i left using my phone and pc. My friend called me 3 days later saying " bro u r promoting crypto, on insta and u r following 3000 people".

  3. The GTA Romania is a complete repack of gta 3, there is also GTA Srbija that is a repack of gta san andreas

  4. Do you do updates on games that you reviewed?

  5. 0:22 i played the first one and yeah it is a mod but its part of every romanian gamers childhood 🙂

  6. As a Romanian this video made me really happy.

  7. extremely based for the gta romania, shit took a fairly big part of my childhood, just a silly goofy af gtavc mod where you just fuck around

  8. He has to play robux for that mario game

  9. As a Romanian citizen, I can confirm that this mod is a certified banger

  10. As a romanian the music really is like that and i love that game

  11. I, as a Romanian, tell you it's not like in the game, the game, the action that takes place in the game is from 1980+

  12. As a brazilian citizen, i can confirm that we hate our own money

    Also come to brazil 😊

  13. Mpis coaie😭, At least Romania appeared in a video

  14. Love to watch these video. LMAFO Keep it up dude 😅🤣😂😍

  15. GTA ROMANIA THE BEST🇷🇴🇷🇴🔥🔥🔥💀

  16. Best Gta ever made lol
    Romania Top pe bune zic

  17. This just motivates me to launch up unity and make something funny 😂

  18. As a Romanian i can confirm this is a normal day here. And i can say you saved the last for the best one! i think GTA Romania was the best game played in this series. maybe only cause i'm Romanian =)))

  19. i miss this classic itch io qzeq videos they are so funny lol😂
    btw is that Dacia car in the GTA Romania that was my first car lol😂

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