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[Vinesauce] Joel – Sirenhead Itch.io Games

Vargskelethor Uncut: Full Joel Streams
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Spooky tall man in the forest.
Date streamed: 17 May , 2020

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  1. tbh the game at 37:00 kinda looks like shit, it's clearly just high poly models and high res textures with a lazy vcr filter slapped on top

  2. 49:00 man you missed the best part of this game (the siren head(s) calling the protagonist out; telling him to give up, lay down & die)

  3. I was watching this and chuckling at these subpar games until actual sirens and horns were going off in my neighborhood and I got startled. 🙁

  4. Oogh..ahhhgh..! The jenkem kicking in!! AHHHHH–

  5. the 5g bad thing is created by parents who want their kids to get off devices and spend time with them but they wont

  6. Guy that creams his pants for every new animal crossing, complains about asset flipping.

  7. I dunno if its intentional, but the trees in that last one all have tall, split trunks and slender branches, giving them a similar silhouette to the monster. that's kind of cool, it got me a couple times.

  8. I like how he was only scared by the crappy one

  9. I dont think trevor is a fan of his creations being used in games and creepypastas/nosleep stories….

  10. i wanna see siren head do the torture dance from jojo

  11. it's cool that people can just steal independent artists' characters like siren head and put them in their own game and then streamers like joel can use that stolen content for profit, and by cool i mean come on dude

  12. This is the spiritual successor to the Bad Slender Fangames stream

  13. I think sirenhead is one of the best creepypasta's since slenderman and Ben drowned

  14. "just because the English is bad doesn't mean the game is"
    3 seconds later Joel eats his words

  15. I really hope this doesn't become one of those things where something becomes so overblown and popular that the creator starts to hate it, that stuff is sad

  16. Everyone in the comments is praising the creator of Sirenhead and getting mad at people for "making it into" crappypasta fodder, when the truth is that the lack of originality doomed it to be crappypasta fodder from the get-go. Not trying to shit on Trevor's art as a whole, but come on. Spoopy tall lanky guy maek teh skurry noises, aaAAaaAasdfjkfdassklfd!!1 ? Not exactly the pinnacle of originality, is it? The fact that anyone's genuinely creeped out by this makes me think they're all weenies who used to run out of the room every time EBS tests popped up on the TV when they were kids. Or think FNAF is truly scary.

  17. I like how everyone uses the prowler's theme from into the spiderverse for shit now and somehow people dont notice or recognize is

  18. trevor henderson is actually dope as fuck, he posts good shit on his twitter account. if sirenhead is really becoming some widespread meme, i feel really bad for him, ngl

  19. Monster that makes siren sounds and chases you? Ruined opportunity.

    Monster that makes fake announcements to lure people in remote locations out of their homes? That's good shit.

  20. Joel mocking how the monsters AI works gives such a security aura

  21. B-bot wat if sereno hed blosted SNUSK metal? 😮 no bae crasi crasi

  22. 14:15 ok so i had my headphones on 1 ear and i started hearing a Siren and i was like oh shit, we´re getting attacked. It was the BGM of the video 🙁

  23. Being the a canadian you hear amber alert sirens allought because the contry issues amber allerts to your phone, TV and radio whenover someone goes missing. So they are more annoying than creepy.

  24. I love how half of these games destroyed the players view with chromatic aberration.

  25. Blackheartzero, the Underground Song Critic says:

    A man who got scared at a SETI simulator game with exactly zero hostile aliens and no Game Over condition, says he would like an alien survival game. Yeah- the Chat couldn't call bullshit fast enough!

  26. 34:31 how did I never notice that the creator seems to think having a flashlight shown at you too long irradiates you

  27. Joel: I want a game where you get a gun and shoot Sirenhead

    gets game where you get a gun to shoot Sirenhead

    Joel: Not cool guys

  28. 22:16 That's windows smartscreen. It just means not many people have ran that executable, nothing more nothing less. It doesn't say it detected a virus, it just says it doesn't get run often. You can just run them anyway. The idea of smartscreen is that it just keeps a database of stuff people have ran a lot. If a lot of people ran it safely, it's probably safe. If not many people have used it before then you rely completely on the virus scanner.

  29. It's so weird how Sirenhead became a meme after a dude created some neat horror OC. He doesn't deserve this

  30. These game are not scary there just annoying

  31. 19:34 This is like if you get watched a clip of The Thing and then put on a meme compilation midway through.

  32. Geez lots of complaining going on
    Just because people make shitty games about it doesn't mean it is ruined

  33. Joel, Flat earth isn't a Joke, its a meme designed to make you think all conspiracies are absurd

  34. I can't wait for this character to get a shitty Hollywood movie in 2030.

    EDIT: Oh…I just watched the first minute. Lol. That's what I get for trying to be quick on a joke without even watching yet.

  35. Dude, GOOD Siren Head games that aren't memes show just how much potential Trevor Henderson ( the artist who made the dude) had at creating genuinely scary characters. His work didn't deserve all the shitty games and videos about it

  36. When Obama was elected I thought wow the White House got a whole lot spookier and Morgan Freeman was a great spook actor in that horror movie directed for spooks. Lol spooky spooks spook

  37. Let’s round up every spook and throw them in lock up

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