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Agario (Agar.io?) is the most addictive game I’ve played in years!
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  1. Can someone tell me the background music pls?

  2. The people that see this video and they killed mark: oh shit…that was mari

  3. I wish you'd do more let's plays of this mark

  4. This is game is literally capitalism explained

  5. I like his gameplay but his reactions, and the voices he does, makes me wanna throw up.

  6. You can make the spiky green things split and shoot into other people by pressing w to feed them.

  7. 3:57 Don’t push me out of there you b** pa-vacker!
    That part always cracks me up 😂

  8. Going back and binge watching Mark's older videos 🤗

  9. not me seeing this 5 years later-

  10. the agario link doesnt work… did it get shut down?

  11. It’s nostalgic. I was looking for a “Whack Your ____” playlist and I see this-

  12. The music is called “Silent Partner – Riding” if anyone was wondering.

  13. Too bad that pathetic teamers and multiboxers ruined the game.
    Solo people legends.

  14. Oh my…I fear I have time traveled too far….

  15. …..

    I'm binge-watching Markipliers old videos once again.

  16. oh my god I forgot that this game even existed

  17. OH MY GOSH THIS WAS ONE OF THE FIRST VIDEO GAMES I’VE EVER PLAYED. A piece of my life that I forgot about, I’d play this for so many hours trying to get on the leaderboard

  18. I was starting to forget how old I was until I saw that this video was 7 years old 😢

  19. I used to play this game sooo much in high-school I got to number one on the leader board a couple times! It's soooo fun! 💕

  20. Honestly it's kind of sad how this game turned from a really fun game to a game full of bots and just not what it was before.

  21. I wonder how often Mr Bean watches this

  22. 2383 vid watched – so many wasted hours 😀

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