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Weird .io Games

Peter Knetter
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The problem with a free online game market, is that anyone can make whatever they want, and often what they want, is pretty weird. Free online games are a problem.


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  1. You know that Zelda game was actually official and it was a demo for the pyhsics in breath of the wild

  2. I once got a fan game that didn't work. If they're missing a .dll file, you need to download the files online.

  3. No One:
    Patter's PC: Can I offer you some Sticky Keys in this trying time?

  4. I once went into a sketchy agar io game and I saw things I will never unsee

  5. Yeah petah I think the 'i' stood for inventory

  6. What the frick frack, smick smack, paddy whack diddly dack,
    Crock pot, slap pap, quarterback, cracker jack, biofeed backpack, trackthod, trackside, track, tic-tac is this

  7. I unliked your videos because 100 was not enough…

  8. very cloud dream is my favorite dream i've had!

  9. 7:26

    This video: PaTiEnCe PaSs It On


  10. Some of those websites may contain viruses why did you play this horrible websites like crazy games that are very unsecure

  11. I'm on my mom's phone with da same account

  12. 6:07 shift=jump
    "I have a bad feeling about this"

    -litterly ever one in star wars

  13. Why does he have gta5 he doesnt do gta vids

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