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What Happened To io Games? (One Of The Biggest DownFalls In Gaming History)

Huma Corn
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Hey guys Huma Corn here and in todays video im going to be doing What happened to io games how io games started to trend and how they died…

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  1. Plz show some support this took me a while to make and do all the research!

  2. Underrated youtuber! Ngl watching all these empty servers in some io OG games teared me up a little bit

  3. I remember sinbadx…. but now he only dows livestreams

  4. You didn't even comment about the bot situation and the fact that the game never recieved an update when it was in the middle of it's peak?

  5. Games that you can play on a stand-alone application (think Minecraft and Algodoo) have much more replayability than .io games. .io games quickly became repetitive and just downright stale. Poeple grew up from .io games. They just aren't any fun anymore. Sandbox games are the new future of gaming.

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