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What is Itch.io? A short history of one of the most unrestricted platforms for game developers

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What is Itch.io? In this video, we take a closer look at the history of one of the most accessible platforms for game developers and digital producers, starting from the company’s humble beginnings in 2013 to the growing pains it experiences today.

Games from itch.io featured in this video:
00:08 – October
00:47 – Code, Eat, Debug
00:55 – X-Moon
01:20 – Voting Simulator
01:26 – Gate
01:31 – Gift Distribution
02:38 – Uploaded
02:49 – Coding Buggies
03:03 – Money Money
03:12 – Fee to Play
03:21 – The New Hire
04:01 – Community Companion
04:12 – Launch
04:18 – Control
04:23 – Definitely No Game Development
04:40 – Refinery Rush
04:48 – Freelancer
04:52 – Overland
05:55 – A Good Snowman is Hard to Build
06:24 – Completion Lawn Care
06:34 – Bowuigi Zine
07:22 – Growing Pains
07:26 – Sorting Radioactive Trash
07:40 – Bots
07:49 – Office
07:57 – Grow Crow
08:35 – X-Moon

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  1. Ah, just like the good ol' days of YoYoGames sandbox. Only way better. Thank god for itch io and the spirit of indie developers. Even composed some music for the 2020 game jam and bought the Ukraine bundle.

  2. A platform that actually gives a single iota of a fuck about their creators? Based.

  3. this is like newgrounds just more modern and with gamejams!

  4. I sneaked around the site once in a while, but never did I expect it to be this amazing

  5. titled "unrestricted" but i'm thinking they wouldn't have allowed a bundle for Kyle RittenHouse. i smell bullshit in that title.

    ya, the more i look into them, the more full of shit your title seems. as long as you hate white people and want to remove their rights (leftist) sure, they're pretty unrestricted.

  6. Without itch I would not have become a programmer I started off just making games for fun publishing them and getting feedback I also joined s couple of gamejams where I met a lot of people I still talk to 3 years later if I didnt get feedback and didn't meet those people I would have probably quit a while ago and wouldn't even have attempted the transition from games in unity to software development

  7. Itch is where I get 90% of the games I play. And they are all free because I mostly play Visual Novels

  8. Itch has horrible user experience. Sure its amazing for devs, but for players its horrible.

  9. i love itchio, also it's filled with porn xdd

  10. I still think bundle for Ukraine would have been cooler if it went towards arming their military. What are civilians even for anyway?

  11. As an aspiring video creator, I like your balance of B roll (game/web footage) and face/real shots. I’ve been trying to strike a good balance and I think you nail it!

  12. ive been using itch since like 2018
    put up a few small games there. and participated in a couple gamejams
    ive always considered itch as the best game sharing platform for indie devs

  13. I started hearing about itch through some videos a few years ago I'm glad it's a thing that exists theres so many unique games that even have far better quality and hearing that some pages have custom designs sounds amazing

  14. 6:50 It's Equality, not Equity. Actually an important distinction to make

  15. Play Faxdoc and NostalgiaTree's games, specially Treetris, Ecila and Rev

  16. I've been on itch for quite some time now, but never really knew about its origins. Great, well researched video; keep it up! (:

  17. how can you compare this garbage to AAA steam and others
    get your feet back on the ground dude

  18. It's friendly to adult content as well. Places for adult creators are shrinking every year an it's so nice to have a safe haven like itch.

  19. As a gamedev I am so thankful for Itch. A convenient platform to share my shit games for free

  20. I uploaded a goofy ahh sonic game that I made when I was 12 💀💀

  21. The enormous spikes in the amount of games uploaded just because Mark Brown lol

  22. Itch would be a lot better if they made a better text editor. The current one is quite limited and a little janky.
    At less from my experience.

  23. GameJolt: Copies homework and makes it worse

  24. Itch is the ultimate socialist platform for game developers. I wish more markets were like this. Honestly I'd be happy to help with reviewing game submissions for free considering how much he has done for independent game developers and gamers alike.

  25. Tell me about the 66.6 nwo you torture program game?

  26. Thank you @vgexplain, very interesting facts

  27. what is the wierd thing hes doing with his hands? is it like subliminal mind control? lol

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