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what it’s like Revisiting 5 .io Games in 2023

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Do you remember Agar.io, Slither.io, and Diep.io? Have you ever even HEARD OF Narwhale.io or Surviv.io? Well on my Twitch Stream, I decided to try out and play all five different .io games to see how they’re doing in 2023. Are these .io games fun still? Is there an .io game that’s THE BEST .io game? Or has the death of .io games long past? Let’s find out.

00:00 – 02:45 Agar.io
02:46 – 05:33 Slither.io
05:34 – 08:46 Diep.io
08:47 – 10:45 Narwhale.io
10:46 – 13:21 Surviv.io

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For each one of the wonderful background music tracks you hear, there is the name of the Song followed by the name of the Artist who made them on the screen underneath me at practically all times.

#agario #diepio #survivio

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  1. love the 'noming' sound effect! adds to the gameplay

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