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WHO IS THE FASTEST SPERM?! (Weird IO games) (Ovar.io Funny Moments)

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WORLD’S FASTEST SPERM! In todays video we play Ovar.io! This is the weirdest Io game ever! You swim your way to an Ovar as a sperm! Can we hit 50 likes?!

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  1. This fucking Asian youtuber is such s big freshy

  2. to your facebook rant, the answer is… Everyone.

  3. I thought I've got skills, until I got 15 million scores…..

    Then I've realized I've been playing with bots for an entire hour???

    Yep. They are all bots.

  4. Hi this is Metalmoltres or you can say Metalmoltres121, I just started playing ovar.io today (Tue 11:15 am July 2017) and I'm a natural! My High score is 677,308K and I'm on you Team!!! You welcome!
    Kind regards Metalmoltres121.

  5. wowwwww hhah this Good pls no like me
    this me weak coment

  6. YO i joined ur team cuz y not lol im ok so i hope i can help the team XD (my high score is 4,375,000 not the best but im ok)

  7. ghost is perfect to get the sperms when useing its ability

  8. 337,689 is my highest score
    and the most ovaries or whatever i have had at once is 5
    and i use ghost

  9. Of all the io games.  This one has to be the strangest one in my recommended list.

  10. this game is disgusting well now to play it!!!!!!

  11. what language you talk normally because I hear a accent

  12. 10:04 "i'm probaly the fastest sperm alive". i bet you were when you got to the egg first while the other 3 million died. XD

  13. Do you think he likes the word 'guys' by any chance

  14. This is a very wrong game sperm goes I to the female egg to make the baby if u don't know 😑

  15. the first time I played this game the hosts kept kicking me out because my score was super high and i was too good

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