Winning Strategy Europe Map! Territory Games io - Territorial IO -

Winning Strategy Europe Map! Territory Games io – Territorial IO

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Territorial IO gameplay with CG! Let’s play Territorial IO and check out a battle royale game where you try to defeat your enemies and take all the territory.

Territorial IO:

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  1. Maybe blur the bottom right corner instead? I mean, I'm used to all the names as a DBD player but I understand why you need to cover it RE YT. But man, that box is annoyingly large.

  2. I’m just commenting to prevent some idiot commenting “FIRST”

  3. Dont worry just tell us if someone like send u smth important well keep watching

  4. Pretty nice video and I love your content! Keep up the good work 🙂

  5. Ireland,my homeland and the best country in the world

  6. I actually found you by incident and i gotta say, when i have an hour or two spare time in my day i either watch your video or i play territorial, its fun to play and also watch. I really like these kind of games where you make your own country with own borders and stuff. My favourite one as a child was atwar but since it is kinda (just kinda) dead i dont play it that much, and it also requires alot of time, more than one or two hours, but this sure does the job.

  7. Found your channel recently, love watching this game so much!

  8. :O I am potato in the top right corner! So happy to see myself in one of your videos. I started playing 1-2 weeks ago because of your videos and now I am in one <3

  9. Yeah the black bar does block a lot. But that's the price thanks to the stream snipers.

  10. You should try to make the feed blurry instead of the black rectangle over it !

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