WORLD'S BIGGEST SPLIX.IO SCORE!! - Crazy New - Games Like ( Best Bits) -

WORLD’S BIGGEST SPLIX.IO SCORE!! – Crazy New – Games Like ( Best Bits)

MasterOv Games
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Massive 24K+ Score On – Massive Highscore On The Highly Addictive New .io Game Called – Massive Games like / Games Like!!!

Brand New “” Game – New .io Game That Is Highly Addictive – This Game Is Similar To But You Can’t Let Anyones “Head” Touch Your Body Or You Loose – Try To Hit Into Other Peoples Bodies To Gain Points & Stop Them From Stealing Your Squares! Games Like!

Play Here :

All you have to do is use your WASD keys to change the direction of your colored line and capture territory. Be careful to not let anyone run into you while you are moving! You could also try to attack other people like this too.

Play this super fun-addicting game for hours! You start with a small area, make it larger and larger by closing it with your line. Grab other players land, but be careful, they may want to take yours, or even make you lose by hitting your colored line. Have no mercy and conquer the whole map

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  1. Someone got 140,000 search up Andre channel

  2. that first "dumb" green one was me.. im new at the game.. unsubscribing and dislike

  3. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. world biggest score your ass , i did 40k

  5. this is so not the biggest score i have gotten to 40k before and many have too… unless u mean for ur self than yeah lol and gj

  6. Eh I've seen someone in my game with 36k, and I may have killed them. I'm evil

  7. hey dude i have gotten 300k with video proof wanna watch

  8. MasterOv was playing when he recorded this? Wtf!

  9. i got way more than you, i got the hole map

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