Wormax.io New iO Games Cool New Skins! Eat All Giant Worm (Wormax.io / Slither.io Live Stream) - aspenleafgames.com

Wormax.io New iO Games Cool New Skins! Eat All Giant Worm (Wormax.io / Slither.io Live Stream)

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Wormax.io the New Slither.io! Control your worm, eat food, defeat other players and become the largest worm on the server.
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  1. я люблю тибя arkadeGO😄😹😊😊😊ты(😎)

  2. please Suscribe and like my vids❤ say done when your finished and may God bless u❤🙏

  3. I'm glad this was made now I can play it a school

  4. wbijaj na kanał czopek DH bo na ten już nie dodaje says:

    jaki trol

  5. чтоза каментарии? он мой друг!и разгаваривает по русскому

  6. Where did you found this game? Answer this..

  7. Uh…just a colour and some shining effect huh….Well that's just the same as slither.io

  8. This is literally exactly like Slither.io. Why make another one?

  9. ja podpisalsa na tvoj kanal podpišis na moj toze plaver TV

  10. hi ArcadeGo.com.I am interested to join your group.I saw this video and I think(let's say I'm sure) I can play wormax.io THREE times better.so please if you watch this let's hope that you will have some kind of interests.Farewell

  11. I may be late but let me just say to all the people saying it's a rip off of slither.io. It's made from the same people slither.io and wormax.io. This is merely an update since the devs didn't want to or couldn't upgrade slither. So they created this.

  12. Be sure to read wormax review on my blog before you buy. Go to dennisreviews. com/wormax-io-review/ Thanks. Tammy.

  13. Seterah luh Aja JINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

  14. лошара и нуб я лучше его играю

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