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Zlap.io – Top Player on the Leaderboard! – Zlap.io Gameplay – Brand New .IO Game

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Welcome to Zlap! Zlap.io is a brand new .io game where you enter the arena and slap your opponents with a large spiky ball!
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Welcome to Zlap.io! The brand new addictive free game with crazy gamelay. Zlap.io is similar to games like Agar.io and games like slither.io and games like diep.io where gameplay revolves around swinging your giant mace to take out your enemies! The more enemies you kill, the bigger your mace becomes!

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Music used in this video:

Alan Walker – Faded

Alan Walker – Spectre


Ahrix – Nova

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  1. Are you thinking that other YouTuber are cheaters

  2. I am going to be a YouTuber soon the name is squishyturtle7 my clan is Squirtle Squad

  3. And Blitz is really really cool and fun to watch

  4. I played this and my mace covered my whole screen

  5. Hey blitz the guy with the tag name [MG] is another .io YouTuber with people that follow him like you so yours is BZ and his is [MG] yah and he is another YouTuber named [MG]MasterOV he is pretty cool I very much recommend to check out
    Like if you agree 👍

  6. Wasnt there another io game too with swinging maces and stuff?


  8. The characters are lemons attached to strings with a mace on the other end…

  9. I played it in the past and got the mace bigger than the map lol
    In the plane

  10. Master of there's a new game called snowball io

  11. I love how he never curses or even any rude offensive language

  12. I become the biggest one and hack kill everyone spawn they die then I die

  13. ive played a game like this before not this one but I get the mace big and started swinging it and than it got to big it spawned killed people my highest on the game was around 580,000 kills

  14. it does not let me play it i dont know why:(

  15. Nah i do it like a pro well i can beat blitz even he had 30 size ball

  16. I had over 100 size ball…I think it was top of the day like…360 or 398..

  17. I'm … Ball master legit lol

  18. can somebody please tell me the names of both background songs?

  19. Blitz: turtle would you like to die
    He saw the futurr

  20. Blitz I absolutely love your channel. Can you please make more amazing frog videoes

  21. To the legends that came back 🙌 ✨ 😌 👏 🙏 👌

  22. There was one time my mace covered the whole map

  23. Why did he think this was nice music for a video lol

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