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Zombs.io Epic Zombie Fortress Defense! (Zombs.io New io Gameplay – Zombie Defense io Game)

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Let’s Play Zombs.io In Zombs.io you build a base, defend against the zombies, and survive. Zombs.io is a new zombie io game

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  1. EUUUHHH I got further than Baron on my first try with most shit ton of lag I think I've ever seen in any game lol… Still love u Baron!!!

  2. Baron my biggest tips for this game are to play on a not laggy at all device and to gather several thousands of wood and stone before placing the Gold Stash down… Also, It's good to put the Gold Stash about halfway during nighttime to give you time right next to a tree or stone so it's a natural defense, and then circle that with gold mines…

  3. oml baron u made me triggered. You upgrade you stash in order to upgrade towers. Fun fact: At my school we play this game all the time and made it to round 39.

  4. You need to upgrade your gold stash to unlock higher tier building upgrades

  5. This game is just like clash of clans but has a different theme a more fun theme. Thanks for sharing this game

  6. he didn't know that he can upgrade the wall😂

  7. Got to lvl 88 before dying solo what's everyone's highest?

  8. Baron u need to upggrade gold stash to upgrade building here is even help tip on your upper /fp

  9. I was better than him the first time I played, except I didn't know you could upgrade your tools

  10. I like how in the update your team and yourself place down your own defenses

  11. dude you have to upgrade the gold stash to upgrade the towers and walls

  12. I think u can't upgrade becuz maybe if u upgrade it will make it bigger in size

  13. this game is ez, first time I got to wave 36 and then server restarted

  14. "panenka" means doll in czechish/slovakian/polish/

  15. i got to wave 26 in fiften minutes diamond goldstash i could go further but i got bored and i let it go

  16. ubgrade gold slash to ubgrade ur things dumbass

  17. How to play=
    Step1=put your Gold stash anywhere of the map
    Step2=Upgrade your Gold stash
    Step3=Buy pickaxe tier 2 and a bow tier 2 too
    Step4=thenn keep upgrade alover and over so you can get to tier 7
    Please Like it! 😀 iT would be a pleasure! :))))

  18. here is a tip

    protect your gold stash by having it against 2 trees or so, that you cant get through, and use defenses in the other sire of it.

  19. The The same thing over and over again in my head is killing me right back to my mom is so good I love you too baby I love it use to be able yield on my phone and I have to you and I don't

  20. baronvonletsplay the zombies atack you and the base lol and if you hit the base and it has the towers you get atacked by it and if it doesnt have the towers you dont get atacked

  21. you have too upgrade the stash first then you can upgrade every thing

  22. im a pro at this game and i know how to upgrade

  23. When he doesn't put something down that he needs to, "I was once you human."

  24. you look at bottom but not the corner top

  25. Every level you need to put way more layers of walls up to uhhhhh 5 or 6 layers

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